Poisonous Spiders in Utah

Poisonous Spiders in Utah

Hobo Spiderpoisonous spiders in utah

Hobo spiders are common throughout Utah and while not deadly,  their bite can produce severe effects. They are most commonly found in dark places, such as the basement or garage. When they make a web, its funnel shape is easily recognizable. They can sometimes be aggressive.

Black Widow Spiderpoisonous spiders in utah

Female black widow spiders will attack humans when they feel threatened. The venom of a black widow is 15 times stronger than the venom of a rattlesnake, and is a neuro-toxin that affects the nervous system. The initial bite is only mildly painful, but within a few hours the victim typically experiences extreme pain, nausea, and vomiting. The bite of a black widow can sometimes be fatal; children, the elderly, or people with high blood pressure are most susceptible fatality.

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